A Country Style Holiday

For Your Four-Legged Friend



Dogs are amazing. The chunky, ball-obsessed Staffies; the Beagles who can sniff out a liver treat from 20 metres; the regal Ridgebacks and the tirelessly nutty Oodles. They’re all so different and yet all have that indefinable ‘dogginess’ that makes them such wonderful animals to work with.

Every dog has different needs. At Four Paws Nelson Bay we get to know each dog individually, to work out what they love (frisbees, digging holes, tug of war, back scratches, romping with other dogs) and what they don’t (magpies, possums, hoses and baths…).

The way our boarding facility is set up means that our boarders are able to get plenty of fresh air and off-leash exercise during their stay, whilst always having access to their own safe and cosy bedroom to relax and snooze.

 We post daily photo albums to our Facebook page  to show you how the pups are enjoying their stay. Expect to see lots of pictures of cheeky dogs getting up to all sorts of mischief!



When your dog comes to board with us, we do our best to make their stay as comfortable and as fun as possible. Dogs enjoy their own individual run, although pets from the same household may share a run depending on size and temperament.

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Day Care

During school term-time, we offer weekday Day Care for both large and small dogs, where well-socialised dogs can come and play in our paddocks for the day. As with our boarders, we require all day-care dogs to be fully vaccinated (C5) and up to date with their intestinal worming, heart-worm, flea and tick prevention.


We offer baths and grooming services on request and an afternoon groom can be combined with a day of day care (depending on availability).

We ask that boarders requiring baths are picked up in the afternoon, to give them the opportunity to dry off before they go home.

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We provide large dog boarding kennels with individual runs, each sporting a secure room for evening sleep time. Dogs are able to interact safely with their neighbours, separated by a 3 foot high concrete wall and fencing above or can choose to retire to their bedroom and watch the world go by from the comfort of their Lilcracka indestructible trampoline bed. 


Your dog will get staff supervised daily exercise (play time) in one of our large, fully-fenced paddocks, nestled amongst natural bushland with mature trees, woodchips and lush green (real) grass. Well-socialised dogs can play together in small groups while the more people-oriented dogs can enjoy a one-on-one game of fetch or tug-of-war with one of our team.


We supply your pet with high quality Black Hawk pet food twice daily. If your pet has a special diet, you are able to bring this along and we will ensure they are fed in accordance with your advice. We use Aussie Dog Products kibble-dispensing Treat Balls and Kong Wobblers to make mealtimes last longer for our friends that tend to gobble down their food in two mouthfuls (chunky Labradors, you know we mean you).

Special Needs

We are able to administer medication, monitor, and provide extra care for older animals and for those with medical conditions or special needs.  Please give us a call to discuss (fees may apply).

Our Customers Say

My two dogs stayed here for the weekend. It was the first time they have stayed at a Boarding Kennel so I was a little apprehensive at first. After being shown around I had no hesitation in leaving my dogs here. The accommodation is excellent and the staff were fabulous. Needless to say I would highly recommend Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels!


Our boy Frankie goes to doggy day care and just loves the social interaction with his play mates. Jon and Phillippa are kind and caring people and obviously dog lovers. Highly recommend Four Paws Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels.


We used this service in September and Arlo our Goldie was so happy when we picked him up, when we took him back this weekend he could not get out of the car fast enough! As an owner we cannot be happier with the service and we love our daily Facebook updates – puts our mind to rest to see them so happy.