Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions of boarding

Animals are accepted for boarding at Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels subject to the following terms and conditions.


  1. Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels reserve the right to amend, revise or alter these Terms & Conditions of Boarding at our discretion and without prior notice to owners.
  2. By admitting the animal, the owner acknowledges acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of Boarding.
  3. The owner specifically represents that they are the owner of the animal being presented for boarding.


  1. Boarding refers to a period of stay of any duration at Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels, regardless of whether an overnight stay is included.
  2. Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels reserves the right to refuse any animal for boarding for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Animals will not be admitted if they show any aggression towards humans.
  4. Entire female animals will not be admitted whilst in season.
  5. Animals will be housed separately, except where Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels has evaluated animals from the same family and in their sole discretion has determined that they are suitable for shared housing. Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels’ decision is final in this matter.
  6. All animals including those from the same family are assessed individually to determine suitability for communal playtime.

Admission & Collection

  1. The owner agrees to provide full & correct contact details, as well as an alternative emergency contact name & number covering the entire period of boarding.
  2. The owner agrees to provide full & correct details of the animal. The owner expressly agrees that no information has been knowingly withheld that might reasonably affect the well-being or safety of the animal, of any other animal at Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels, or of the staff or agents of Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels.
  3. The owner certifies to the accuracy & completeness of all information provided about themselves and the animal.
  4. A current vaccination certificate must be presented for all animals prior to admission. Animals must have a relevant vaccination given no later than two weeks prior to admission, and up-to-date intestinal worming, heartworm, and flea & tick prevention.
  5. Any items that are to be left with the animal must be clearly labelled with the animal’s name and owner’s surname. Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels will not be liable for any loss or damage to belongings left at the kennels.
  6. The animal will be released to any person who declares that they have the owner’s authority to collect it, unless otherwise instructed by the owner in writing in advance.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse admissions and collections on certain days, including Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and any other days determined by us.


  1. The owner expressly agrees that animals are boarded entirely at the owner’s risk, and that the owner takes full liability for any & all acts or behaviour of the animal including injury to other animals or persons, or damage to any items or property whilst in the care of Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels.
  2. Under no circumstances will Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels, its staff or agents, be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries, or conditions arising during or after boarding. The owner hereby releases them from any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from the animal’s attendance at the kennels, and any participation in any activity at the kennels.
  3. The owner accepts financial liability for any damage caused by the animal to any items or property at Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels.

Health & Care

  1. If medical care including administering medications is required a daily medication fee will be payable.
  2. If the animal has any special needs additional fees may be payable.
  3. The owner authorises Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels to seek veterinary care for the animal in the event of an illness, injury or accident and to release information regarding the animal to the veterinarian to assist in diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
  4. If veterinary attention is necessary for an animal, the owner is liable for all expenses and an animal transport fee will be payable.


  1. Fees must be settled in full at admission for all bookings.
  2. All fees incurred for additional services during the period of boarding must be settled in full prior to departure.
  3. The owner agrees to reimburse Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels for all third-party costs incurred during the period of boarding including but not limited to replenishment of special food or medication, and veterinary services.
  4. Fees for boarding & additional services are charged for each calendar day from the arrival date to the departure date.
  5. Rates vary according to the time of year. The rates charged will be those in effect on each of the dates of stay.
  6. If the period of boarding includes an NSW public holiday a surcharge will be applied per animal, per public holiday date, regardless of admission or collection time.
  7. Peak season pricing applies during NSW school holiday periods. Bookings during Peak season must be secured with a deposit. Refunds of deposits are subject to our Cancellation / Amendment policy.
  8. We reserve the right to apply supplementary terms & conditions, different pricing, payment, amendment, cancellation & refund terms over Easter & Christmas Peak Periods, and any other Peak Periods determined by us. Peak Periods are published on our website from time to time.
  9. Cancellation or amendment of Peak season bookings including Christmas & Easter Peak Periods are subject to our Cancellation / Amendment policy and may incur an Admin Fee, partial or complete loss of deposit, and / or a cancellation fee.
  10. Fees settled using credit or debit cards may incur a surcharge to cover the additional costs imposed by our merchant services providers.
  11. Interest at 8% per annum over RBA base rate will be applied to any amounts not paid within these terms.
  12. We reserve the right to recover all legal or other costs reasonably incurred by us when recovering any unpaid amounts from you.

Consent to Use Photographs

  1. The owner provides consent for Nelson Bay Boarding Kennels to use photographs and videos of the animal on our website and social media.