Brain Train

A fun and positive enrichment session to give your dog’s brain a really good work out
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At Four Paws we love to see our guests run and play together. Most of our pups are exhausted when they get home: eating up their dinner, going out for a quick wee and then settling down to sleep for the night. However… occasionally we get reports that one of our day carers still has energy to burn at the end of the day.

If this is you, or if you think your pup could do with something a little bit extra to round out their stay with us, we are proud to offer the option of a bit of extra Brain Training!

Brain Train provides an intense enrichment session aimed at busy & inquisitive dogs that love a challenge. Perhaps your dog could do with a little extra help working on behaviours such as loose-leash walking, impulse control, calmness, reactivity and focus.


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Perhaps you have had a consultation with a Dog Behaviourist or Trainer and they have put together an action plan with which you’d like a little extra help. Your pup’s time at Four Paws provides a great opportunity for us to make progress on your action plan, and help your dog to live his best doggy life.

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The session will be fun and very POSITIVE and generally conducted off-leash. Our aim is to engage your pup through games and activities to give their brain a really good work out. Activities will cover elements of agility, obedience and tricks, supercharged with a big dose of doggy fun.

We will spend the session on FOCUSED ONE-ON-ONE TIME with your pup during their stay. We will capture the session on time-lapse video for you so that you can see how your gorgeous dog is progressing.

We are happy to provide toys, kibble and treats for lures and rewards. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can bring along a portion of their daily food allowance, treats, or a favourite toy for us to use.

Feel free to have a chat at pick-up or drop-off, or by email or phone if you prefer.

Give us a call on 02-4982-1182 and ask for Phillippa, or email us at if you think your dog might benefit.


Until Friday 25th September 2020 we are offering Brain Train at introductory rates:

– Regular session (15 minutes): $20
– Extended session (30 minutes): $40

Most dogs find that a 15 minute session is just right, however your pup may enjoy a longer session.

Please note that availability is limited.


What can I expect from Brain Train?

Brain Train is intended to provide a one-on-one session of focused interaction to help your pup to develop calmness, focus and work on areas of weakness. It should supplement your own training regime, but it is important to note that it is not a substitute for it. We are here to reinforce your own positive training programme.

What training tools do you use?

We use positive reinforcement, games, and concept-based training to build optimism and engagement between owner/trainer and dog. We aim to give the dog skills to generalise their learning to the outside world.

Will you fix my dog’s behavioural issues / aggression?

Not necessarily – that is beyond the scope of Brain Train. In fact, dogs with serious behavioural issues may not be suitable candidates for Brain Train. Please consult with a qualified trainer such as Julie at Barkers in Balance ( first.

Will it help my new puppy?

Certainly! Once a puppy has graduated puppy school, it is important to continue training to ensure that they keep up the good habits and don’t learn bad ones. Brain Training for puppies would focus on de-sensitisation and socialisation, to help build optimism in a young dog. Please note, a longer session may be beneficial for puppies.

What about working breeds?

Yes! Brain Train is especially good for terriers and working breeds who are looking for their purpose in life… and generally finding it in all the wrong places.

What if the weather is bad?

Bad weather may affect whether we can effectively perform outdoor / off-leash activities, so we may have to postpone the session. Alternatively, we may be able to use an indoor venue.

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