Professional grooming by our experienced in-house groomer

Professional Grooming Services

To ensure your dog goes home clean, fresh & hygienic we offer a full range of grooming services for boarders & day carers. Services ranging from a simple bath, a full body clip, a style clip including special breed requirements. Our professionally trained in-house groomer April is able to provide everything that you need.

April has many years of grooming experience

Dogs are towel dried after baths, so may still be damp at collection. Blow drying after a bath will incur an additional fee according to coat length & pet size. Additional charges apply for baths with special requirements such as medicated shampoo (e.g. Malaseb), especially dirty coats, or for certain breeds with extra long / double coats , etc.

A full groom includes a warm hydrobath with Fido’s Everyday Shampoo, a full body clip & a nail clip (style clips are available – prices on application). A tidy up includes a trim of face, feet & bum only.  A hygiene clip covers a trim of the bum only.

Full grooming is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays – we do not offer grooming services on public holidays. Baths are generally available every day, but must be booked in advance.

Please note that boarders booked for baths & grooms need to be picked up in the AFTERNOON of their collection day.

Grooming for Boarders

The prices below are in addition to our standard boarding or day care fees.
Additional charges apply for grooms with special requirements, for example extra long coats, heavy matting, de-shedding, etc.

Icon silhouette of a small dog

Small Dogs (up to 10kg)

Full groom – $77
Tidy up (trim face & feet) – $20
Hygiene clip (bum ) – $10
Bath & towel dry (long hair) – $25
Brush (long hair) – $10
Bath & towel dry (short hair) – $15
Brush (short hair) – $5
Nail clip – $12

Medium Dogs (10 to 25kg)

Full groom – $92
Tidy up (trim face & feet) – $30
Hygiene clip (bum) – $10
Bath & towel dry (long hair) – $30
Brush (long hair) – $15
Bath & towel dry (short hair) – $20

Brush (short hair) – $8
Nail clip – $12 

Large Dogs (over 25 kg)

Full groom – $107
Tidy up (trim face & feet) – $50
Hygiene clip (bum) – $10
Bath & towel dry (long hair) – $35
Brush (long hair) – $20
Bath & towel dry (short hair) – $25

Brush (short hair) – $10
Nail clip – $12

Additional Services

We can quote for additional services for dogs with particular needs, such as:

Coat de-shedding – $45 per hour
Special bath requirements (especially dirty, medicated shampoo, breeds with extra long / double coats, etc) – POA
Blow dry – price depends on dog size & coat length
Special breed style clip – POA

Please note that we do not perform ear plucking or express anal glands – please see your vet. 

Grooming for Non-Boarders

A Groom Day-Stay charge of $25 for Small dogs and $30 for Medium & Large dogs will apply.
Dogs must be dropped off by 8:30am and picked up after 3pm.

We have a limited number of spots for morning Groom Only appointments, where the Groom Day-Stay charge will not apply – please contact us for details.
Groom Only bookings must be dropped off by 8:30am and picked up by 10:45am.

Frequently Asked Questions

On what days can we get a groom?
We offer baths every day, but full grooms (clips) are available on Monday and Tuesdays only (if these days are not convenient, please get in touch as we may be able to offer a groom on a Thursday). Please note that we
do not offer full grooms on public holidays.

I don’t need a day stay – can I bring my dog in just for a groom?
We have very limited spaces for morning pick up (10:45am) and appointments  will depend on availability. Please give us a call or send us an email.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated before attending?
Yes. We need to see a current C5 vaccination certificate for all dogs attending the kennels. Please also ensure that they are up to date with all worming, flea and tick treatment.

My dog is a little timid – will this be a problem?
Generally not – we will work slowly with your dog to keep them feeling as calm and as safe as possible.

Do you sedate the dogs?
No – we find that peanut butter is much better at distracting them. However, if a dog is very nervous, we may not be able to complete the groom. In these cases we would recommend that you take them to the vet for a groom.

What if my dog is heavily matted?
In some circumstances we may not be able to complete the groom as intended.  With heavy matting we may need to cut shorter than requested, and additional charges may apply.

I have a different question – what shall I do?
Please feel free to get in touch by phone on 02-4982-1182 or by email to

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