Our current pricing for Dog Boarding and other services

Dog Boarding Rates

Our boarding rates vary depending on the time of the year. Peak rates apply during NSW public school holidays, and Off-Peak rates apply at all other times except Christmas & Easter.

Peak Rate: During NSW public school holidays.
Off-Peak Rate: All other periods. 
Christmas Peak Period:  Please note that a surcharge of 40% will apply to all bookings during Friday 24th December 2021 to Monday 3rd January 2022. The separate Public Holiday surcharge will not apply during this period.
Easter 2022:  Please note that a surcharge of 40% will apply to all bookings during Friday 15th April to Monday 18th April 2022.

Boarding rates are charged for each calendar day, inclusive of arrival and departure date.

Icon silhouette of a small dog

Small Dogs
(up to 10kg*)

Off Peak




Medium Dogs
(10 to 25kg*)

Off Peak




Large Dogs
(over 25 kg*)

Off Peak




* For puppies, rates are determined based on expected adult weight.

Additional Charges

Public Holiday surcharge: $6 per public holiday

Special Requirements charge (medication, food preparation, fresh or frozen food storage, incontinence, old age, extreme timidity, etc.): from $4 per day

Day Release charge (taking your dog out for the day during a period of boarding): $4 per day

Out of Hours / Late Drop Off or Collection charge when pre-arranged and confirmed by us: from $25 (when not pre-arranged: $50)

Vet Transport charge: from $50 per journey

Collar & Tag charge (if you do not bring a collar & ID tag to check-in): $5 per week or part thereof

Admin Fee (cancellation or change of peak period booking*): $25 per booking
(*please see our Cancellation / Amendment policy on our FAQs)

Dog Day Care

Available Monday to Friday during NSW Public School terms.

$25 for Small Dogs, $30 For Medium & Large Dogs.

A day of off-leash fun & socialisation in our spacious yards, with a rest period from 11am – 3pm.

For dogs that prefer not to socialise with other dogs, our team enjoy playing one-on-one with our collection of frisbees, balls and tug toys.

Grooming Services

We offer a full range of grooming services – please see our Grooming page for details & pricing.