Cosy kennels, generous runs and spacious paddocks for off-leash play



When your dog comes to visit us, we do our best to make their stay as comfortable and as fun as possible. All dogs enjoy their own individual run, although pets from the same household may share a run depending on size and temperament. All dogs have access to outdoor yards several times a day where they can run off-leash. We post daily photos to our Facebook page to keep you up to date with how your pups are getting on.

We house our little dogs (e.g. terriers, toy breeds, spaniels) separately from the bigger dogs (e.g. staffies, labradors, mastiffs).

Little Dogs

The little dog facility is fully enclosed and protected from the weather, with shutters that are up during the day to let the dogs enjoy the leafy bush outlook, and closed at night and during bad weather.

They have access to their own generous grassy yard with a huge sandpit and a selection of agility equipment where they can enjoy off-leash play two to three times a day.

We aim to make the little dog experience as similar to an afternoon in the back-yard at home as possible. We even have a TV on in the background during rest times, to help them feel at home.

Big Dogs

All our big dogs have the opportunity to run free in our large leafy paddocks two to three times a day and have the option of supervised play with other dogs (if they’re well socialised), one-on-one play with a member of our experienced staff, or of simply chilling out with the kookaburras and the resident magpie family. We have security cameras to monitor the paddocks so that we can keep an eye on things throughout the day.

When they’re not playing in the yards, the big dogs are housed in individual runs during the day and in individual secure locked dens at night.

Boarders are let out in the evening to stretch their legs and go to the toilet, before being tucked into bed in their secure locked bedrooms with a tasty bedtime treat.


We use ADAPTIL sprays on bedding and ADAPTIL diffusers where necessary to help anxious boarders to settle. We find it often helps to take the edge off as they settle into the routine.

Dogs that require a little more entertainment during their quiet time are given Aussie Dog Products treat dispenser balls filled with Black Hawk kibble to keep them busy. We believe in doing our best to meet each dog’s individual needs so that they enjoy their stay as much as possible.

During cold weather we make sure the dogs are warm in their trampoline beds with extra blankets and bedding. During hot weather, we use sprinklers & fans to cool the runs and make up batches of frozen meatsicles and ice cubes for the dogs to crunch on. The dogs have constant access to large buckets of fresh water.

A fun, safe and comfortable place to leave your pet when you go on holiday, renovate your house, or travel for family or work engagements.